Garbage truck robot or trash cart robot is a minor character in WALL•E. It is a hovering cart like robot that carries Axiom trash and dumps it to the trash chutes that lead to the Axiom Garbage Disposal where WALL•A units will handle it.

Garbage truck robot looks like a bit similar to MVR•A transport cart robot. But when MVR•A units are mostly white trash cart robots are more gray in colour and have black and yellow warning stripes (MVR•As have black stripes too but not the yellow ones).

Garbage truck robots appear twice in the movie but only briefly. It is clear that these robots are are two separate units because their colouring is a little different. This robot is first seen by WALL•E when he tries to reach MVR•A unit carrying EVE. The garbage truck robot dumps trash to a trash chute near WALL•E. The second time garbage truck robot appears it is seen by EVE when it dumps trash to a trash chute that is connected to captains quarter. When the garbage truck robot leaves EVE flies through the same chute and brings the plant to the captain.

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